What the Warlord?

Darling Brew Warlord Imperial IPA this IPA Day

What the Warlord?

Let's talk Sailors & Black Rhinos on #IPADay

Established in 2011, IPA Day is celebrated around the world on the first Thursday of August. But why, you may ask? Well, it originally started as a social media movement that was simply meant to unite breweries, bloggers, and beer lovers in their love of craft beer. 

However, it has since become a cultural phenomenon that has increased awareness around craft beers, educated beer drinkers about their favourite beverages, and provided opportunities for small businesses and passionate brewers alike. 

What makes IPA so special & where did it all start?

IPA stands for India Pale Ale. This may have led to the common misconception that it comes from India, when in fact, evidence suggests that IPAs were first brewed in England in the 1700s. Brewing beer in India proved rather challenging thanks to the hot climate, so sailors from the East India Company would bring beer along when they set sail for India. 

The voyage to India could take up to two years and English exporters realised they might need to preserve the beer better. Hops are a natural preservative and pale ales had a higher hop content, which meant they lasted longer and retained their flavour (which was quite bitter). And so the IPA was inadvertently born. 

Fast-forward to the 1970s and Californian micro-breweries revived the IPA profile and instigated the current craft beer craze!

Let’s talk about Warlord

There are four types of IPA: English-Style, Session, Imperial (Double), and American. Darling Brew, inspired by the Black Rhino, knew they were going for something strong when they created Warlord Imperial IPA. Imperial IPA is a stronger, more bitter, hoppier version of the IPA. 
This beer means business! At 9% alcohol content, you are aware of warmth throughout your body as you drink it. In order to achieve 9% ABV, more malted grains have to be used in the brewing process. Using more malted grains will result in more sugar being available for fermentation, resulting in a higher alcohol level. However, it's not as heavy as you’d expect. Instead, it’s elegantly balanced, with a full mouthfeel and comparatively mild bitterness given the style. Easy to drink, slightly sweet finish and not overpoweringly bitter.

Why the transition from seasonal to core DB craft beer?

Our seasonal beers are only brewed over specific times in the year, thus limiting stock. On the other hand, our core beers are brewed consistently and we ensure that we maintain a sufficient supply throughout the year to meet the demand. To put it quite simply, consumption of Warlord increased so much (thanks to IPA fans) that we had to transition the beer to our core range.

Who is the typical Warlord drinker?

There are actually two distinct types of beer drinkers who enjoy Warlord. Firstly, there is your craft beer connoisseur who is looking for a serious Imperial IPA - someone who appreciates the nuance of this balanced brew. Then there is your adventurous drinker - someone who seeks out new experiences and is attracted by the unusual 9% alcohol content, only to discover that there is a taste sensation that accompanies it and so they keep coming back for more.
Now you know! Happy #IPADay, Darlings. Join us at our #DBTasterooms to clink a draught, fill a growler or pick up a 12-pack or case of Warlord Imperial IPA to take home. As always, it's also available to buy online for delivery to your door - NOW AVAILABLE AT A DECREASED PRICE!
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