DB wins at SANBT Awards 2021!


This just in! We are proud to announce that Darling Brew has been awarded no less than seven awards at the 2021 South African National Beer Trophy Awards, and also Best in Class for the Light Beer Trophy (Pale to Amber/Red coloured beers) for our Darling Brew Gypsy Mask.

A full line-up of 196 beers was tasted by the SA National Beer Trophy Awards jury and only a very limited number of them were medaled, so we are extra proud of our achievement at this local independent competition that follows international BJCP standards.

"Medals are awarded solely according to score criteria, designed to single out the top 25 - 30% (more or less) of all beers entered. As such, multiple gold and silver medals can be awarded in any given category. A silver award equals 39 points out of 50, while a gold award equals 42 points or more out of 50," explains Rene du Toit, Head Brewer at Darling Brew. 

Here are the Darling Brew beers that were awarded:

Darling Brew Gypsy Mask
Darling Brew Gypsy Mask
GOLD in Irish Red Ale category AND Best Light Beer Trophy 2021!

Inspired by the highly gregarious, yet shy Roan antelope, Gypsy Mask is a red ale with a striking rusty colour, featuring spicy hops balanced with malty sweetness and a fruity aroma. Low bitterness makes this a refreshing, all-season ale. 


Darling Brew Arrowhead
Darling Brew Arrowhead 
GOLD in the Imperial Stout category

Inspired by the Namaqua Arrowhead, a rare butterfly native to regions in South Africa & Namibia, this Russian Imperial Stout comes to the table with notes of Madagascar bourbon vanilla, smooth coffees, and hints of dark chocolate underpinned by a delightful hoppy bitterness.


Darling Brew JUST Right Beer
Darling Brew Just Right 
SILVER in the International/American Lager category

The lighter lager that looks right, feels right, makes right, tastes right. and is JUST RIGHT! At 4,2% ABV this lager does not classify as a LIGHT lager, rather LIGHTER. It’s the perfect in-between from a high ABV lager and a low ABV lager. IT’S JUST RIGHT.


Darling Brew Sungazer Light Lager
Darling Brew Light Lager
SILVER in the German Leichtbier category

An homage to the Sungazer, also known as the Giant Girdled Lizard, Darling Brew Light Lager is low in alcohol but full of flavour, boating a light hop with fresh floral, citrus, and pine notes, and a gorgeous, dry finish.


Darling Brew 4x4 BraaiPA
Darling Brew 4x4 Braai PA 
SILVER in the American Pale Ale category

This brew is an ode to a passion for beer, braai and the open road, in collaboration with Beer Country. A refreshing pale ale with fruity esters and a gentle hoppy aroma makes this the perfect easy-drinking beer for hot summer days around the braai.


Darling Brew Long Claw Modern Saison
Darling Brew Long Claw
SILVER in the Belgian Saison category

Longclaw is a speciality beer inspired by the lion - a single hop saison produced in collaboration with Eduardo Petry of Sunset Brew in Brazil. Longclaw puts a modern twist on a classic style with the use of citra hops, resulting in fruity esters and tropical fruit aromas.

Darling Brew Craft Beer Range

These award-winning beers are available for purchase from our online store all year round (aside from speciality/seasonal brews that are launched for a certain time frame each year), and can also be sampled in person at our Tasterooms in Woodstock and Darling.

We look forward to entering next year's competition and bringing home an even more extensive collection of awards. In the meantime we invite you to find your favourites and share your personal reviews in person or online - we always love getting feedback from our loyal supporters.

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