The challenge? 11 LANGUAGES. 3 LAGERS. 1 SONG. Darling Brew is looking for a super catchy, foot-tapping anthem to provide the auditory backdrop for our refreshing and locally lekker JUST family. The dream is a colourful, inclusive, multi-cultural song that appeals to all South Africans and it should be the kind of song that gets everyone on the dance floor to dance and sing along at the top of their lungs.

This tune will become a staple for the winning performers at our DB Tasterooms in Darling, Woodstock and Dorptoe; as well as, DB Adventures Festivals & Events PLUS be utilized for future JUST Beer marketing material. However, we also hope that it will be such an incredible combination of awesome and ayoba that it will naturally gravitate towards finding a foothold on our South African charts, stations, streaming sites, and more. We made beers JUST for our nation, now we ask the nation to make a song JUST for our beers.


ANYONE AND EVERYONE! This includes professional musicians, garage bands, djs, songwriters, producers, amateur hopefuls, shower singers, etc.


The winner of the JUST Make Music song competition will be offered Darling Brew sponsorship in return for the full rights to song, including:

R40 000

R40 000 cash contribution from the Darling Brew team and JUST Make Music co-sponsors to the creator of the final winning song.


Support at gigs in 2023 such as merch, tour vehicle branding, posters, JUST giveaways at live events & portable draught-dispensing unit (where possible).


Opportunity to play at Darling Brew Tasterooms & DB Adventures at standard rates including DB Summer Festival 2022 + DB Winter Festival 2023.


3 simple steps to entering JUST Make Music = Download, Compose and Submit.
IMPORTANT! All Entrants MUST complete the online Entry Form.


We've written a brief to guide you or your band on what exactly it is we are looking for! We've added all the info to this landing page but also created a downloadble or printable JUST Make Music brief!


Write, play, compose, sing & do whatever you need to do to develop your creative execution for the JUST Make Music Brief. Create a Video, Audio, Lyrics as Image or Document or post an online social media submission - download brief or view entry form for accepted formats.


Now that you have your winning song, all entrants MUST fill out the JUST Make Music Entry Form to complete your entry! Then you can go ahead and read up on what happens post-submission below.


One of the major things that will happen after submission is that we'll be looking at online engagement of submissions by either:

1. Checking up on the hashtag #JUSTMakeMusic where you have posted your content using the hashtag!

2. We will post content using the hashtag and submissions received directly via the Entry form (such as lyrics or tracks etc.) and also monitor the engagement from our communities on these posts.

SO... In a Nutshell... super important to use the #JUSTMakeMusic hashtag as all the comments, likes, shares, and audio usage from your post will count towards your votes - but we can only find it if you use the hashtag!


So, what should the song be about? We’re looking for a tune that places an emphasis on similarities instead differences, and celebrates the coming together of all South Africans around an icy-cold, uncomplicated beer. The JUST Beer tagline is ’11 languages, 1 beer’, and this should give musicians plenty to play with. For instance: IBHIYA, BEER, UBHIYA, BIRI, BIYA, BIRI, BIER, BIYA, IBHIYA, BHIYA, BIRI.

It doesn’t matter what language you speak – certain songs have universal appeal. Think along the lines of Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond), Zol (Max Hurrel), I Got a Feeling (Black Eyed Peas), Don’t Stop Believing (Journey), Gimme Hope Jo'anna (Eddy Grant), Special Star (Mango Groove), Kaptein (Kurt Darren) etc. This is the type of song we envision for our JUST brand as well!

Quite a vibe already, don’t you think? Could form the base of a very catchy chorus – but in the end the creative choices lie with you! You should also bear in mind that this song is created to showcase our JUST portfolio of premium beers, which includes:


The JUST Family Flagship, at 5.7% - JUST Beer is one of SA’s strongest lagers, naturally brewed, using superior ingredients, remaining preservative-free with crisp flavour.

JUST Right

A lighter lager - that looks right, feels right, tastes JUST right! At 4.2% alcohol, JUST Right doesn’t quite qualify as a light lager, but is the lighter lager in the JUST family.

JUST Naked

All the great beer flavour of JUST Beer and JUST Right, but... JUST Naked (AKA stripped of its alcohol) at 0% alcohol content. This KAALGAT beer can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime!

Without restricting the creative process, we would like where possible the song to communicate that nothing is quite as agreeable as a beer – it’s the one thing that ties most (if not all) South African social gatherings together. And in the end, it’s JUST malt, hops, and water. JUST Beer. Here are a few associative words you can keep in mind: Enjoyment, Relaxation, Party, Bonding & togetherness, Fun & good times, Taste, Refreshment, Family & friends, ‘South African-isms’ such as: eish, lekker, yebo, kuier, dop, braai, jol, etc.

Now there is a lot you can write and sing about in our brief BUT don't worry - you don't have to cover it all! Even if you just pick one thing that makes it uniquely JUST, we will love it!​

Happy writing! We can’t wait to hear your tunes and see what you come up with – JUST write your heart out...


Get in touch with our JUST Make Music team via email on, or give us an old-school call on +27 21 286 1099. Please ensure to read through the JUST Make Music Competition Terms & Conditions (COMING SOON).

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Ready, set, BEER! 🍻🏷️

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