The First of the Spirited Flight line has landed

The Golden Tail, a classic lemon radler with a dash of lime for extra flavour, is the first of our beer-mix line to land in a few select liquor stores in Cape Town and Johannesburg. We will also be officially launching the beermix this weekend at the annual Cape Town Festival of Beer.

The line, inspired by a flight of dragonflies, aims to provide a drink which is refreshing, light-in-alcohol and a delicious healthy alternative to artificially flavoured beers and ciders.

The line kicks off with the Golden Tail, a lemon radler, inspired by the Gold Ringed Dragonfly. With flavours of lemon and lime derived from natural essential oils, the beer mix is refreshing and light with just the right amount of sweetness to balance the bitterness of the slow-brewed beer.

What is a radler, anyway?

Radler, which in German, translates to Cyclist, was originally invented as a refreshing drink for people commuting by bicycle, who wished to drink beer, but couldn’t drink a full 5% alcohol beverage. The Radler has come to be known and loved in South Africa as a beer shandy and is most often a combination of beer and lemonade. At 2.6% ABV the Golden Tail is perfect for those looking for a low-alcohol alternative and it is sweetened with fructose, instead of sucrose, making it healthier, not too filling beer alternative with a better mouthfeel.

So why the Dragonfly?

In line with our ethos of conservation, Spirited Flight has not only been inspired by the dragonfly, but the dragonfly has been specifically chosen based on what it symbolises. Dragonflies are known as a flying ‘green’ flag of good environmental quality. They have been employed successfully as indicators of ecosystem health in environmental impact assessments and monitoring programs globally, thus providing an effective tool to monitor the health of freshwater. Water security is a global issue with South Africa being one of the many developing countries in the world which is highly water-stressed. Despite our dependence on freshwater, we lack awareness of the need to protect these systems. For us the dragonfly is a symbol for awareness around water security and climate change action.

The Golden Tail Tasting Notes

Style: Radler (Beer Shandy) Real fruit essence makes this a healthier alternative to artificially flavoured beers
Flavour: Lemon-lime, fairly sweet base
Aromas: Sweet lime with lemon background, faint hop aroma
IBU: 14 ABV: 2.6%

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