#TakeItSlow with Darling Brew’s new 330ml Bottle

We’ve taken our ethos of SLOW beer to the next level with the launch of our four top sellers in a great new shape and size – a 330ml one to be exact. The 330ml launched in the Western Cape today just in time for the long weekend at selected outlets.

“The new shape of Darling Brew’s 330ml is about more than just the shape of the bottle,” says Kevin Wood, owner of Darling Brew, “it’s about the current shape of the animals our beers represent – their declining numbers and loss of habitat.”

As our beers have historically been, not only paired with animals, but iconic rock songs too, Kevin Wood searched long and hard for the perfect song to go with the new bottle. “I chose the track ‘Shape I’m in’ by Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons, an old classic that could hone in on the importance of the campaign’s concept around shape – plus it’s a great and retro tune,” says Kevin.


“It’s also about the shape in which our fans find themselves,” says Philippa Wood, co-founder and director of Darling Brew.  “Are they taking a moment to slow down? To soak up their surroundings? To appreciate the vastness of our Earth and the incredible sights and sounds nature has to offer? To respect and care for the planet and all its inhabitants?” This was ultimately the thought process behind the 330ml’s campaign hashtag #takeitslow. “We want to encourage our fans to take a moment in a very tumultuous time and remember what’s important,” says Philippa.

The 330ml bottle brings with it some other great perks. “We wanted to make our beers more accessible and affordable,” says Kevin, “we’ve done a lot of research and we have listened to what consumers have been asking for.”

The new 330ml bottle is available in selected independent outlets in Cape Town with plans to launch nationwide and across the entire Darling Brew range later this year.

What shape are you in? We’re going to #TakeItSlow – will you join us?

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