Meet Henri Le Roux - Darling Brew Financial Manager

Darling Brew: Financial Manager - Henri Le Roux

Henri Le Roux has been Financial Manager at Darling Brew since March 2020. As keeper of the coin and dedicated leader of the DB finance department, he forms a vital part of the management team. According to Henri, the reason he chose to join the Darling Brew team was the strong vision and goals the management team had plotted for the future. 

"COVID-19 taught us that even the best-laid plans can be waylaid, but we are exceptionally fortunate to be working according to a mission and vision that is nimble enough to overcome unexpected obstacles. This was my first impression when I interviewed at Darling Brew, and it has since been confirmed time and again," says Henri.  

Although the company has a very professional outlook on the way business is conducted, Henri also enjoys the fact that there is an open-door communication structure that allows the whole team to interact with one another on an even playing field. This sentiment is shared by his co-workers, who also see Henri as a great source of inspiration. 

Darling Brew Financial Manager - Henri Le Roux

“When I think of Henri, the words ‘guiding light’ come to mind,” says Roxanne De Ponte Young, Manager of the Tasteroom in Darling in charge of countrywide Tasteroom marketing. 

“Over the years I have had the privilege of working alongside Henri, he has become a vital part of my DB career.  A tower of company knowledge, he is always quick to assist in any matter I place before him, often if it ventures outside his realm of expertise. He is the stellar heart of Darling Brew and we are proud to call him one of our own,” she enthuses. 

Darling Brew’s National Sales & Marketing Manager Harry Dare tends to agree. 

“Henri is one of the most dedicated people I've had the pleasure to work with. He is usually the first to arrive, most often the last to leave, and just immensely committed to the brewery in general. From a sales and marketing perspective, Henri is not just about the numbers - he is interested in growing our brands. A team player and asset to the company, he is passionate and involved in everything we set out to do,” says Harry. 

Darling Brew Financial Manager - Henri Le Roux

Henri, who moved to Darling when he joined the team in 2020, is a staunch sports enthusiast who likes to get involved with all of the DB Adventure events that are rolled out throughout the year.

“Every event we offer has its own ‘personality’ so I enjoy them all. I love the idea of diversification, different strokes for different folks! We therefore cater for the entire DB community,” he explains.

“Henri often spares some time to help pack goodie bags for the DB events and on the sponsored golf days he is sure to take the opportunity to play (and naturally enjoy a DB refreshment at the wet hole),” quips DB Events Manager Stephen Duckitt

Darling Brew Financial Manager Henri le Roux

Henri is also known to balance out his long and dedicated working days with some essential relaxation and fun activities in his downtime. 

“You will often find this quick-witted and dedicated man bugging me to put sport of any nature on in the Tasteroom. After hours he enjoys taking his days slower, with a game of golf, or watching a game of rugby, accompanied by an ice cold 4x4 BraaiPA,” says Roxanne.  

Henri also loves exploring the West Coast, and recommends that others do the same. 

“I try to play my monthly round of golf on any of the surrounding courses. The West Coast has so many restaurants and landscapes on offer that I quite enjoy travelling and discovering new venues. If they stock DB products, they are just so much more enjoyable!”

Darling Brew Financial Manager - Henri Le Roux

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  • Henri’s father and I were colleagues at the then Orange Free State university for 5 years.
    Seems he is walking in his father’s footsteps. Proud of Henri, after reading this article.

    Fred Phillips

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