Brewers Lager Challenge: Update + Leaderboard

When we launched this challenge with Makro last year, we never imagined it would be so much fun! Little did me know that the biggest challenge we would face would be yet another alcohol ban forcing us to stop sales halfway through and eventually leading us to extend the competition.

New Closing Date: 4 April 2021

It wasn't an ideal situation but we loved seeing everyone's guesses coming in and wanted to be sure that anyone who wanted to participate had the chance. Congratulations to everyone who successfully entered and thank you for taking part in our Brewers Lager Challenge! We have received the top secret answers from our Brew Master and we can finally share the leaderboard with you all!


Right Answers
Entry Date
8 wesselsjaques 25/12/2020 Instagram
6 ZakSmack 06/01/2021 Twitter
5 kristydejager 26/12/2020 Instagram
4 swartreinhard 20/12/2020 Instagram
4 emytka 04/02/2021 Instagram
4 etrigan_south 10/01/ 2021 Instagram
4 ike_009 07/01/ 2021 Instagram & Twitter
4 Samantha Nolan 25/12/2020 Facebook
4 Michael Wood 10/01/2021 Facebook
4 8a13fd54ca01421 31/01/2021 Twitter
3 mfourie1979 31/01/2021 Instagram
3 quintin.kruger.77 08/01/ 2021 Instagram
3 cleaverxbru777 01/01/2021 Instagram
3 johnhbacon 25/12/2020 Instagram
3 Shaun King 26/12/2020 Facebook
3 Dalene en Coenraad Bezuidenhout 31/12/2020 Facebook
3 itsfine 20/01/2021 Twitter
3 DuncanFischer98 16/12/2021 Twitter
2 leecrosby1 13/12/2020 Instagram
2 trollipalex 14/02/2021 Instagram
2 marijcke_art 12/01/ 2021 Instagram
2 capecanary 06/01/2021 Instagram
2 Herman Stander 27/02/2021 Facebook
2 jarphotosct 09/01/2021 Twitter
2 johandutoi 31/12/2021 Twitter

How many did you get right? There's still a chance to try again but time is running out!

Now R149

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  • Seeing that the competition is over, is there anyway that you can furnish me with a list of the correct answers, as there were some of these beers that I would like to know what they are for “future consumption”

    Leon Swart
  • Hello,

    Is there a place to see which bottle is which ?

    Juandre Dempers

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