Beer Grain Crisps #ZeroFoodWaste

Darling Brew’s Beer Grain Crisps are available in two variants: Slow Beer and Bone Crusher. They are made with 40% spent grain from their namesake beer. Spent Grain is a by-product of the brewing operation. This grain – which is high in minerals, proteins and dietary fibre – is usually discarded (or in our case donated to local pig farmers to feed their livestock). Darling Brew has taken this by-product and transformed it into a great tasting and original snack. By allowing one harvest to yield two returns we are further decreasing our carbon footprint, allowing for better utilisation of farming land, and avoiding unnecessary transport and energy usage.


This unique product is the result of extensive research and experimentation by Christo Worst. Originally from Pretoria, Christo fell in love with the Western Cape while completing his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechatronic Engineering at Stellenbosch University.

Christo had a long-standing interest in by-product management and finding alternative uses for them. He experimented with making cereals and ‘Nik Naks’ type chips from maize germ (a by-product of maize milling industry) but was unable to get satisfactory results.

During a visit to a packaging and processing exhibition in Germany, he was introduced to the possibility of processing spent grain. Once this seed was planted, Christo took possession of his wife’s old mixer and spent many a late night in the kitchen, learning about making crisps by hand and perfecting the ratio of ingredients. It took several months before he had a breakthrough and a product ready to present to Darling Brew co-founder, Kevin Wood, who immediately felt that this zero food waste initiative complemented Darling Brew’s existing conservation and carbon neutral efforts.

The rest is culinary history.


Darling Brew Beer Grain Crisps are a great natural tasting snack which make an excellent addition to a cheese platter or served with a variety of dips. Use them instead of tortilla chips when making nachos, like we do at Daring Brew Tasteroom.


Slow beer OR Bone Crusher spent grain, potato flour, maize meal, maize starch and sunflower oil.

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