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Inspired by the African Buffalo

The Godfather rye IPA was first launched at the 2017 Clarens Craft Beer Festival. A heavily dry hopped IPA, the spiciness of the rye interacts with the resinous hop aromas. A hint of freshy fruitness shines through.

7.7% ABV

The African Buffalo is one the big 5 on the continent. It is also one of the most dangerous on the plains of Africa, able to take on predators as fierce as the lion. They are gregarious herbivores in love with eating soft green grass and wallowing in mud baths. They have become a major target for trophy hunters wanting to shoot individuals with a boss of more than 42 inches, with their populations declining due to over hunting.

Dedicated to the romancers of the animal kingdom

An unfiltered lager infused with pomegranate juice which is rich in colour and full in flavour. The tart Pomegranate features alongside a subtle easy drinking malt-base with notes of honey and biscuit. With its pinkish red hue and light pink head, it certainly is a winner for its looks. On the nose bright pomegranate will engulf your senses. The taste is refreshingly tart and fruity with just a hint of sweetness.

4,5% alc

Some animals display such romantic and astounding courtship rituals, that they will be sure to inspire even the most determined love-cynics. Whilst our beers are mostly dedicated to a specific endangered or misunderstood animal at a time, we decided to make an exception for our seasonal Valentines beer – in the name of love, of course.

Inspired by the Samango Monkey

Our annual festive beer is an unfiltered lager brewed using smoked malt and spiced with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger. The flavours are reminiscent of Gingerbread from a wood fired oven light smoky notes mingle with the spicy sweetness of malt and cinnamon. With the low ABV it's suited to the South African summer as an intriguingly different yet refreshing artisan Lager.

4,5 % ABV 22 IBU

The Samango monkey is South Africa’s only primate found exclusively in Forests. These forests are highly fragmented and result in the limited distribution of the monkey. The mian threat to the species is deforestation for resources and development. Further north the bush meat trade has a major effect on their numbers.

Inspired by the Black Harrier Hawk

A Wild Peach Ale, unfiltered using pureed Peaches – a first for Darling Brew. All the sugars are fermented out and the haze from using Peaches is clearly visible in the product. Due to the very low residual sugar content and the low pH the aciditycadds to freshness of the beer. The creamy beige head sits atop a dark golden coloured beer, aromas of Peach and yeast rise into the nose. On the palate a refreshing acidity rolls over the tongue, notes of wood and vanilla get rinsed away by a refreshing bitterness, as the beer warms up and develops the aroma of fresh ripe Peach becomes more and more central.

5,2 % ABV 25 IBU (Perle and Cascade)

The Black Harrier population has declined in recent years to fewer than 1500 birds and is now classified as vulnerable. It is now one of the rarest of Southern Africa’s endemics. The greatest numbers can be found in the Western Cape around the coastal wetlands and fynbos areas. These medium sized raptors can travel up to 300km a day in search of prey. In protected areas the birds manage to raise on average two young in a breeding attempt versus the stark contrast outside the parks. The initial threats of habitat destruction for farming and development are now being exacerbated by the building of wind farms which will now affect their migration patterns.

Enjoy at 10 – 12 °C and when pouring the last bit of the bottle is please to be discarded. Enjoy with Grilled Steak and root Veggies or pair with ricotta, Chevré (Goat), or Feta. These light cheeses will Pair excellently with the tanginess of the Beer.


Inspired by the Honey Badger

An intelligently smooth “Black Wit” a new black wheat styled beer. Silky and soft in the mouth and incredibly easy to savour at all times.

4% alc

The Honey Badger is an animal with cunning intelligence. It has high economic importance to the farmers. Being omnivorous it preys on a wide variety of prey from disease carrying rodents to destructive insects. It also kills poisonous snakes. It has an intriguing relationship with the honey guide. The bird will lead the honey badger to the beehive and wait for the animal to expose the desired larvae and wax for the honey guide to consume. A secretive and nomadic animal with a wide range which extends outside protected areas where it is heavily persecuted by beekeepers and traditional medicine hunters. It is killed in an inhumane way through gin traps and poisoning.

For the enjoyment of “Mercy