At Darling Brew we endeavour to innovate and continue to manufacture excellent quality beer.

To realise our own requirements and expectations for our beer we partnered with KASPAR SCHULZ to design and build our state of the art brewery. The mixture of tradition and innovation is the reason why we ventured with KASPAR SCHULZ in the next chapter of Darling Brew.

Kaspar Schulz Brauereimaschinenfabrik & Appraratebauanstalt is the world’s oldest brewery plant manufacture. In Bamberg – at the heart of German beer culture – the family business in it tenth generation, has produced machinery for making beer at the very highest level from more than a third of a millennium. The new brewery is allowing us to be innovative so watch out for the exciting limited edition seasonal beers and collaboration with international breweries.

“The best technology for your beers” still rings true at KASPAR SCHULZ.