Inspired by the Secretary Bird

Export Larger
A Hallertauer Mittelfrüh Dry Hop Lager with spicy flavours and undertones of grass

5% alc.

The first Carbon Neutral Beer in Africa.
Carbon emissions produced during the brewing process are offset against our contributions to the Kariba Redd+ Project in Zimbabwe. We support a Carbon Neutral Africa.

An unfiltered light amber Lager; with a light beige head, the aroma is of floral honey combined with a subtle Spiciness. Dry-hopped with Hallertauer Mittelfrüh it has a very distinct Aroma of old noble hops from this ancient European Landrace variety. On the first sip hoppiness spreads through the mouth engulfing everything for the first second, it is then overshadowed by the solid malt backbone of this 5.0 ABV Lager. The bitterness is brushed away by the Medium-Carbonation of the next sip to get the taste buds ready for round two of this Refreshing Export Lager.

Blood Serpent, like its inspiration, the Secretary Bird, is unique not only for its name. It stands out because of its distinct profile, quite unlike that of any other bird. The beer is named after the Secretary Bird with Serpent coming from its Latin name and blood from the fact that it stomps its prey to death with majestic force. The Bird appears on the coat of arms of South Africa and is listed as a vulnerable species due to habitat loss and egradation.

For the times of "Sorrow"

Inspired by the Geometric Tortoise

An extreme lager with a rich golden colour. Refreshing with a real hops flavour and rounding off with a mild bitterness. A great thirst quenching beer for those long summer days.

4% alc

Our initial inspiration comes from one of the rarest tortoises in the world and it’s striking colours are reflected in our branding. There are approximately 2000 of these beautiful creatures left in the wild, and endemic to the Western Cape. It’s greatest threat is the animal trade and habitat destruction. Recent fires on the farm Bartholomeus Klip killed many of these animals.

Enjoy in “The Space Between


Inspired by the Sungazer

Light Lager
A flavourful light lager with medium aromas and faint floral undertones. Great sporting beer.

2.6% alc.

The Sungazer also known as the giant girdled or giant dragon lizard is the largest species in the Cordylidae family of lizards from Sub Saharan Africa. The Sungazer is a heavily armoured lizard and endemic to the Highveld grasslands in the interior of South Africa. This species is known as the Sungazer because of it’s distinctive behaviour of elevating parts of the body near the entrance to it’s burrow as if looking for sun.

The decline in the Sungazer numbers is a direct result of habitat destruction  and the illegal collecting for the pet trade and traditional medicine trade. Wild Sungazer’s are smuggled to the USA, Europe and Japan where they command an incredibly high price. In South Africa it is illegal to possess a Sungazer without a permit.

For those days I've entered a "Bicycle Race"

Inspired by the Roan Antelope

An assertive rusty brown ale with plenty spicy hopping. An impressive beer leaving your mouth filled with a range of flavours. It leaves you feeling like you have tasted something special.

4% Alc

Roan Antelope-Hippotragus Equinus

The Riddle of Rare Antelope

Formerly one of Africa’s most widely distributed antelopes on the savannas, where water was adequate, now with less than 70  left in the Kruger National Park and drastically declining numbers on the continent this antelope is endangered.

Highly gregarious and shy, Roan are the second largest antelope in Africa. They are territorial and notoriously aggressive, and will protect their young against any predator. The major threat to the species is the blockage to  age old migration routes which it is believed to be depriving them of vital minerals, as well as habitat loss and uncontrolled poaching in unprotected areas.

Great for  ”When morning turns to night

Inspired by the Verreaux’s Eagle

A brooding bottle conditioned Blacker than Black Ale which bellows out roasted beckonings. Sexy singed grains coat the palate inviting you to take another sip.

5% alc

A majestic raptor found in the mountains throughout Africa. Often like mist never seen. Thought to be fairly safe from threats as it lives high in the mountains, recent surveys show a alarming distribution range reduction. A project has been set up to better understand the situation and birdwatchers are encouraged to report their findings to Many birds of prey still suffer heavy persecution through illegal poisoning, habitat destruction, illegal animal trade and being knocked over by vehicles.

* Only available at selected outlets

For when you have “Sympathy For The Devil

Inspired by the Plains Zebra.

Pale Ale
A not too edgy pale ale with a mild body and a hint of straw and honey on the palate. This all combines in an easy drinking, balanced to perfection to beer.

5% alc.

Arguably one of the most characteristic savannah species with its black and white hide. There are 6 sub species on the continent, once widely spread in Africa covering vast home ranges. Most of these migration routes have been blocked through human encroachment and fencing for disease control. Heavy hunting for the stunning hide and tail over the last 20 years has resulted in certain species being listed as endangered by CITES. Ten of thousands where illegally hunted in Zimbabwe during the farm confiscations by greedy South African hunters.

This is a “Champagne supernova” moment

Inspired by the Southern Ground Hornbill

A generous India Pale Ale bursting with juicy citrus flavours. The beer is well defined and leaves a lingering sensation with an easy drinking temperament.

6.5% alc-45 Ibu

Southern Ground Hornbills are characterized by the black colouration and vivid red patches of bare skin on the face and throat. They live in savannah habitat of short grass for foraging and big trees for nesting.

The Southern Ground Hornbill’s loud call has made it a focal point in many African cultures, hence the name Thunder Bird. Historically there where taboos with killing these birds, however these have weakened with the modernization of Africa. The hornbill was a symbol the rainy season and this may have been a factor in hunting taboos.

Owing to large scale clearing of habitat for agriculture and the birds slow reproductive rate it is now listed as critically endangered in South Africa.

For more information and donations you can mail Lucy Kemp on

For when you “Jealous Again

Inspired by the Black Rhino

A silky smooth Imperial India Pale Ale, full bodied and bursting with hops and flavour.

9% alc

Once abundant from the Cape to the northern parts of South Africa and Namibia, this prehistoric looking animal was hunted to extinction in the 1850’s in South Africa.

The African population was hunted from around 70,000 to below 2500 in 1990. Animals were bought in from zoos around the world to breed with the population that was left to bring in genetic diversity. The population has grown to around 5000 animals, but is still critically endangered.
An age old mythical tradition from the far east is once again decimation the rhino population.

Inspired by the Spotted Hyaena

A bottle conditioned frosted Wit Beer with a distinctive candied orange nose. Edgy and refreshing in taste with all the spicy richness and finishes with a lingering bitterness.

5.2% alc

An often misunderstood creature, it’s social intelligence is on par with some primates. In parts of Africa it hunts up to 70% of its prey and is more successful in its kill rate than the Lion. Early settlers referred to it as the Wolf. Many names that we take for granted carry the name, for example, Wolfsberg in the Cederberg and a wine are just few that are named after the Hyaena. Wolf traps are found in many parts of the Karoo.

Savour in a “Room full of Mirrors

Inspired by the Panthera Leo

Our single hop saison is a collaboration brew with Eduardo Petry of Sunset Brew. Eduardo came to South Africa from Brazil to visit the Kruger Park and Darling Brew. Eduardo specialises in making saisons, so the idea was to put a modern twist on this classic style with the use of citra hops. The colaberation has given us a Modern Saison with fruity esters and tropical fruit aromas.

5.3 alc

The beer is named after the most majestic of all African animals, the lion. This elite status has made them targets for hunters, which is coupled with habitat loss, the major reason for the decline in lion population. A new threat is lion bone trade to feed the Chinese marked and this is due to the decline in tiger population. Since the 1950s, Africa’s wild lion population has plummeted from 500,000 to ±20,000. After the infamous killing of Cecil the lion by an American hunter in 2015, the U.S. announced that the African lion is now a protected species under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

Desert Dragon Oat Ale

The beer is inspired by the pangolin – a secretive and solitary anteater. The Cape pangolin (also known as Temminck's pangolin), is one of four species of pangolins which can be found in Africa, and the only one in southern and eastern Africa. In southern Africa this animal can be found as far south as the Northern Cape and North West Provinces of South Africa and northeast KwaZulu-Natal Province. Due to their nocturnal activity and diminishing numbers, pangolins are rarely spotted, making their sighting one for the bucket list of wildlife lovers and photographers. As a group, pangolins are the world’s most illegally trafficked animal, hunted for their meat and scales. With over a million wild pangolins having been killed in the last ten years, the CITES conference made the call to totally ban the trade of all Pangolin species in 2016

The goal with our collaboration beers is to get brewers from different breweries (and countries) to do what they do best! In December 2015 we introduced our first collaboration beer, Desert Dragon Oat Ale.

5.5% alc

South African born, Sean Knight, the brewer at Sambrooks Brewery was on holiday in Cape Town. He made contact with Kevin to see if he could visit our new brewery.

This was an opportunity for us to get two great brewer’s together brew something special! We asked him if he would like to brew a beer with our brewmaster, Felix. He was super excited and surprised!

The outcome of the collaboration is a silky smooth full bodied ale. The presence of organic honey bush tea in the brewing process is evident in the fresh aroma and flavour.

Inspired by the African Buffalo

The Godfather rye IPA was first launched at the 2017 Clarens Craft Beer Festival. A heavily dry hopped IPA, the spiciness of the rye interacts with the resinous hop aromas. A hint of freshy fruitness shines through.

7.7% ABV

The African Buffalo is one the big 5 on the continent. It is also one of the most dangerous on the plains of Africa, able to take on predators as fierce as the lion. They are gregarious herbivores in love with eating soft green grass and wallowing in mud baths. They have become a major target for trophy hunters wanting to shoot individuals with a boss of more than 42 inches, with their populations declining due to over hunting.

Dedicated to the romancers of the animal kingdom

An unfiltered lager infused with pomegranate juice which is rich in colour and full in flavour. The tart Pomegranate features alongside a subtle easy drinking malt-base with notes of honey and biscuit. With its pinkish red hue and light pink head, it certainly is a winner for its looks. On the nose bright pomegranate will engulf your senses. The taste is refreshingly tart and fruity with just a hint of sweetness.

4,5% alc

Some animals display such romantic and astounding courtship rituals, that they will be sure to inspire even the most determined love-cynics. Whilst our beers are mostly dedicated to a specific endangered or misunderstood animal at a time, we decided to make an exception for our seasonal Valentines beer – in the name of love, of course.

Inspired by the Samango Monkey

Our annual festive beer is an unfiltered lager brewed using smoked malt and spiced with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger. The flavours are reminiscent of Gingerbread from a wood fired oven light smoky notes mingle with the spicy sweetness of malt and cinnamon. With the low ABV it's suited to the South African summer as an intriguingly different yet refreshing artisan Lager.

4,5 % ABV 22 IBU

The Samango monkey is South Africa’s only primate found exclusively in Forests. These forests are highly fragmented and result in the limited distribution of the monkey. The mian threat to the species is deforestation for resources and development. Further north the bush meat trade has a major effect on their numbers.

Inspired by the Black Harrier Hawk

A Wild Peach Ale, unfiltered using pureed Peaches – a first for Darling Brew. All the sugars are fermented out and the haze from using Peaches is clearly visible in the product. Due to the very low residual sugar content and the low pH the aciditycadds to freshness of the beer. The creamy beige head sits atop a dark golden coloured beer, aromas of Peach and yeast rise into the nose. On the palate a refreshing acidity rolls over the tongue, notes of wood and vanilla get rinsed away by a refreshing bitterness, as the beer warms up and develops the aroma of fresh ripe Peach becomes more and more central.

5,2 % ABV 25 IBU (Perle and Cascade)

The Black Harrier population has declined in recent years to fewer than 1500 birds and is now classified as vulnerable. It is now one of the rarest of Southern Africa’s endemics. The greatest numbers can be found in the Western Cape around the coastal wetlands and fynbos areas. These medium sized raptors can travel up to 300km a day in search of prey. In protected areas the birds manage to raise on average two young in a breeding attempt versus the stark contrast outside the parks. The initial threats of habitat destruction for farming and development are now being exacerbated by the building of wind farms which will now affect their migration patterns.

Enjoy at 10 – 12 °C and when pouring the last bit of the bottle is please to be discarded. Enjoy with Grilled Steak and root Veggies or pair with ricotta, Chevré (Goat), or Feta. These light cheeses will Pair excellently with the tanginess of the Beer.


Inspired by the Honey Badger

An intelligently smooth “Black Wit” a new black wheat styled beer. Silky and soft in the mouth and incredibly easy to savour at all times.

4% alc

The Honey Badger is an animal with cunning intelligence. It has high economic importance to the farmers. Being omnivorous it preys on a wide variety of prey from disease carrying rodents to destructive insects. It also kills poisonous snakes. It has an intriguing relationship with the honey guide. The bird will lead the honey badger to the beehive and wait for the animal to expose the desired larvae and wax for the honey guide to consume. A secretive and nomadic animal with a wide range which extends outside protected areas where it is heavily persecuted by beekeepers and traditional medicine hunters. It is killed in an inhumane way through gin traps and poisoning.

For the enjoyment of “Mercy


Beers being carbonated work well at cleansing the palate. A small glass between courses will revitalize the taste buds.

Choose a craft beer for the occasion, a party, a meal or even the weather. For long summer days a SLOW BEER or a candy nosed BONE CRUSHER. On a cold day or evening a GYPSY MASK or BLACK MIST slowly savoured will kick off or round off the evening.